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A Note From Maureen-


I hope everyone had a happy holiday season. I know the holidays
can be rough but now it's time to put the past behind us and move
to a new year.

I always feel pressure to come up with something profound to say
in my January newsletter. I just wait for inspiration to hit.

I found my inspiration in Portia Nelson's poem the hole in the
street. I decided to feature it in this month's newsletter
because it addresses the problem of doing the same thing and
expecting different results.

I also feel it captures most people's frusteration with their
lack of success in achieving their new years resolutions. I hope
the life coaching section will inspire you to do things
differently this year.

Shattering the Glass Ceiling will focus on the barrier of Rushing
To Action without a solid plan. I hope you enjoy the newsletter
and I will see you next month.

QUOTE OF THE MONTH- "A Failure to Plan is a Plan for Failure."
author unknown


Shattering The Glass Ceiling Within

Helping Women Overcome Barriers to Change

It’s a new year and most of us are thinking about change.
You may have fully committed to change or are thinking
about what you would like to do differently. This year, I
plan to use this section to assist you in your change
process by discussing a different barrier to change each
month. Barriers are created within by how we respond to
change. It is your unique change response that interferes
with your success.

Barriers to Change- Rushing to Action

Rushing to action is a common mistake many of us make
when starting our change process. Consider this
internal dialog.

“I’ve got to lose weight. Why do I keep eating things I know will
put on weight? I go up and I go down. I went to work yesterday
and didn’t eat breakfast and by lunch I was starving. So, what
did I do? I rush out and get a McDonald’s big Mac and large
fries! I’m so tired of it. I’ll never get my weight down.
Tomorrow I will get back on track”

A failure to plan is a plan for failure. Without a plan,
it is likely that this person will continue to make
impulsive decisions about food. Tomorrow will be no
different than today. Preparation and planning is an
important part of success. Impulses are hard enough to
manage but without a planned structure they are even more
difficult. Planning a structure works with any goal
whether it is losing weight or looking for a new job.

A plan for the person in the above scenario might start with the
following questions:

1. How much weight do I want to lose?
2. What is my vision for success?
3. What foods do I need in the house to support my
weight loss?
4. What foods do I need to avoid that will trigger
over eating?
5. What is my specific eating plan?
6. What skills do I need to develop to achieve my
goal weight?
7. What support do I need?
8. What self defeating behaviors do I need to manage?
9. How will I manage these self destructive behaviors?
10. What obstacles will I face?
11. How will I manage these obstacles?
12. What skills do I need to manage these obstacles?

Answering these questions will provide a solid plan and structure
for succeeding, and a clear vision to address all challenges.
Planning and preparation also forces you to think through the
process and facilitates a greater commitment to your goal. The
more time and effort you put on something the greater the

Action Plan

13.  Use the above questions to develop a plan for your New
     Year’s resolutions.


Life Coaching Corner- A Different Street

Chapter 1

I walk down the street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I
fall in. I am lost…I am helpless. It isn’t my fault. It takes me
forever to find a way out.

Chapter 2

I walk down the same street. There is a deep hole in the
sidewalk. I pretend I don’t see it. I fall in again. I can’t
believe I am in the same place. But, it isn’t my fault. It still
takes a long time to get out.

Chapter 3

I walk down the same street. There is a deep hole in the
sidewalk. I see it there. I still fall in…it’s a habit. My eyes
are open. I know where I am. It is my fault. I get out

Chapter 4

I walk down the same street. There is a deep hole in the
sidewalk. I walk around it.

Chapter 5

I walk down another street.

This is a well known poem by Portia Nelson. It describes
the process of how making choices and taking
responsibility for these choices creates positive change.
This poem also reminds us that change is a process.
Sometimes walking down the same street and falling in the
“same old hole” is part of that process. Doing the same
thing over and over is often our defense against change
which is commonly called resistance. It is much easier to
walk down the same familiar street than to risk doing
something different.

Fear is often what drives resistance. Creating a
different path might mean facing, rejection,
disappointment, ridicule, criticism, failure and the
unknown. But it also might mean welcoming success, new
skills, possibility, happiness, and growth. Before diving
into your New Year’s resolution, think about what
resistance you might face. Here are some common phrases
that let you know if you’re stuck in resistance. How you
finish these statements will give you a clue to what
drives your resistance.

1. “I’m too busy to_____”
2. “I’m too old to_______”
3. “I won’t be able to find another______.”
4. “I’ve been here so long I that____________”
5. “I don’t have a problem with_________.”
6. “I could never__________”
7. “I don’t know how to__________”
8. “I’ll never be able to_____________”
9. “I don’t have enough ________to__________”
10. “ My life will never______________”
11. “Every time I try to change I ___________”

Action Plan

12.  Make a conscious effort to understand your own resistance
     this coming year. Awareness is the first step in changing


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