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Issue December 2005


Note from Maureen

Happy Holidays to everyone! As the song says, it's that wonderful
time of the year. I hope everyone had a festive Thanksgiving. Now
that our stomachs are full I'm hearing a lot of "I shouldn't have
eaten so much!"

The truth is I think our spirit cries for abundance and decadence
this time of year. The stores are full of beautiful trinkets full
of holiday cheer. Stores display candies, cookies, and cakes that
look too good to touch. Magazines are full of creative foods that
look more like works of art than actual entrees. It's no wonder
that we over indulge. I read somewhere that the average person
gains seven pounds during the holiday season.

Maybe the truth is that our truest desires come out to play for
a month. We push ourselves all year, the holiday season comes
inviting us to indulge, and it is hard to resist. The holidays
are also the last reprieve before most of us have to buckle
down for the barren winter months ahead. It's a long time
before the sounds and scents of spring emerge. So maybe it's
okay to feed your spirit with a little something to hold you
through the long winter.

The holidays are a time when we feed our sweet tooth but it's
also a spiritual time. There is a need to focus on what is
important in our lives and how to live with meaning and purpose.
This newsletter is dedicated to helping you remember and renew
your spirit this holiday season.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season. See you next year!


What's in this newsletter

1.Shattering The Glass Ceiling Within- Remembering Your Spirit
2. Quote of the Month
3. Coaching Topic of Month- Making The Holidays Easier
4. Additional Quotes
5. Psychotherapy & Life Coaching Services


Shattering The Glass Ceiling Within- The focus of this section is
to assist women in shattering their self imposed limitations in
order to create a life that fulfills their ultimate potential.

     I decided to look up the word spirit in an on-line
     dictionary to see the various meanings of the word. It was
     a surprise to see all the definition ranging from " a
     vital force that characterizes a living being as being
     alive" to an alcoholic beverage. There is the Holy Spirit,
     team spirit and the holiday spirit. There are plenty of
     spirits in Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol which gives
     us a profound lesson in remembering the importance of the
     inner spirit.

     Ebenezer Scrooge is a lonely and bitter man who has lost all
     sence of kindness and goodness. He no longer believes that
     life is worthwhile and chooses to live in a world of
     negativity and self centeredness. Luckily for Scrooge, he is
     visited by three spirits that help him recapture his inner
     spirit by visiting the past, present and the dismal reality
     of his future life

     Many of us feel like Scrooge during the holidays. The
     reflection in the mirror does not mirror back who we are
     inside, and our spirits may be in poor condition. Maybe we
     can all learn a lesson from Dickens's tale and create our
     own version of the Christmas Carol. Take time to reflect on
     years gone by and revisit your own journey to the present
     time. What is the condition of your spirit today? Does your
     inner spirit feel vital and alive? Are you worried about
     what the future holds?

     Women have a difficult time connecting with the needs of
     their spirit. Women are conditioned to make the needs of
     everyone else as primary. This can be a tremendous barrier
     in doing what is necessary to nurture their vital force.
     Constantly putting energy out and not receiving any energy
     back leads to stress and exhaustion. There is a high
     correlation between stress and disease. Feeding and
     nurturing your spirit is not just a luxury but a necessity
     for a long and healthy life.


1)Spiritual well being means different things to different
  people. Spend some time writing down what spiritual well being
  means to you.

2)Find a picture of yourself when you felt connected with your
  inner spirit. This might be a time when you felt happy and
  contended. It could be a picture of yourself as a child or at
  some event in your life. If you are having trouble finding such
  a photo, what does that mean to you?

3) Here are some other suggestions for connecting with your inner
   spirit this holiday season.

a)Find a picture of yourself that you feel represents the essence
  of who you are inside. Explore what has changed since that
  time. What do you need to bring into your life or take out of
  your life to feel that way again?
b)Call an old friend who you have not talked with in awhile. Make
  a plan to see them.
c)Pick something to do this holiday season that will inspire you
  and fill your spirit with positive feelings.
d)Think about where you are investing your energy and whether it
  is fueling or draining your spirit.
e)Find an old holiday movie such as It's A Wonderful Life or A
  Christmas Carol - they always seem to lift the spirit.
f)Spend time with people that make you feel positive about
  yourself and about life.


Quote of the Month

"Go within. When we invest more energy in developing our
spiritual lives, the outer world begins to take care of itself."
Cheryl Richardson


Coaching topic of The Month

Now that I've addressed the more spiritual aspects of this
holiday season; let's talk nuts and bolts. Every magazine you
pick seems to have advice on holiday stress. In fact, remembering
all those tips can add stress to the stress. I think most of the
advice out there can be summarized by the following statements.

•Ask for help if you need it. •Don't sweat the small stuff •Have
reasonable expectations •Don't spend money you don't have.
•Remember it's the thought that counts •Plan ahead •Progress not
perfection •Shop on-line it's easier •Spread good cheer! •Don't
drink and drive •Spend time with people you love.


•Don't be too hard on yourself and take time to relax and rest.
Remember the spirit of the season!


Additional Quotes

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the
charming gardeners who make our souls blossom- Marcel Proust


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